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Backlash SS13 Presentation & Interview w/ Isamu Katayama

Filmed by JEJ on July 1, 2012 at the Blash SS'13 presentation and party. 26 rue saint-claude paris 3e 

Video 1 Presentation

Video 2 Interview

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One of the current Japanese designers based in Paris Isamu Katayama of Backlash is there to stay despite the current economic situation.

He says the 'Japanese Movement in Paris' (referring to the next/current generation of of Japnese Designers) are quite powerful and aims high.

Mode Homme Paris Accessories SS'13

Hats Hats Hats!

by Anthony Peto, Super Duper, CA4LA-Weave Toshi

10 images above shot by JEJ

Next New Names in Couture

Every year the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne produces new names from around the world to watch out for in the future of Haute Couture. 



This year we have noticed:
1 - Quentin Lacroix,
2 - Maxine Congost,
3 - Sarah Lakhtara,
4 - Nelly Hoffmann,
5 - Marie Marquet,
6 - Min-hsuan Weng,
7 - Mathew Wong

All shots of Couture Foundation Pieces taken by JEJ @ Etablissement d'Enseignement Supérieur, 119 rue réaumur, 75002 Paris

Mode Homme Paris Accessories SS'13

Shades 'nouveau'

by Mykita & Linda Farrow

5 images above shot by JEJ

Milano Moda Uomo Accessories SS'13

Contemporary Italian Leather

by Seraplan 

7 images above shot by JEJ

London Collections: Men SS'13

London Styling from Modern Brit to Brit Eccentric... Brit Stuff!

Images courtesy JEJ

Scandinavian Quality & Commercial Appeal

New Swedish fashion brands selected by the jury, Rookies.


In the selection of Rookies the jury has judged the fashion degree, design quality, product quality, and the business idea/commercialisation of each brand.

Founded since 2005 by the Swedish Fashion Council, Rookies is a forum and a fashion scene with the aim to support smaller fashion companies in their establishment on the market through different projects, networks and activities.

FACADES Scandinavian contributing photographer Samuel Wahlstedt shot our selection in Stockholm on 08'12.

10 pictures above in order: 1- Cover-Marika Smith, 2 - Alice Fine, 3 - Bedazzled, 4 - C Kummelstedt, 5 - Ida Johnson, 6 - Johanna Pihl, 7 - Lobra, 8 - Maska, 9 - Stutterheim, 10 - Voluptuous Morality.

A Small Glimpse @ Haute Couture

Above is a little teaser shot by JEJ at the Sercan Cura show in Paris on July'12 for AW '12-13

FACADES will be featuring more new names in couture back in Paris again for the Haute Couture SS'13 From January 21-24, 2013.

Shoe Fetish & More

A variety if designs found at Nicholas Kirkwood's presentation in Paris, and a mix of designs from the PRESS days of PR Agents Pop PR & Ella Dror PR in London...

9 images above in order: 1-4-heels by Krkwood, 5-7 ankle wrap shoes from Ella Dror, 8-9 shoes & outfit w/ head dress by Pam Hogg from Pop PR- all shot by jej for FACADES

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