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Old Grandeur Revisited

23 images shot by JEJ for FACADES @ Moooi's Photography Exhibition by Massimo Listri


Moooi's installation of furniture complimented by huge photograph prints as back drops is one of the best installations at Milan Design Week 2014 (Tortona)
We present to you old grandeur in architecture as captured by Massimo Listri. Each imposing photograph simply speaks for itself as it conveys the captivating beauty of architectural interiors built in the past and remains 'alive' today.

Hedone Romane



Modernist twist to French Decadence - « L’Antichambre de la Comtesse » by Hedone Romane
Antechambers have their secrets like the inner recesses of the mind. Hedone Romane’s new jewellery collection presents a contemporary interpretation to French decadence. “L’Antichambre de la Comtesse” – throws one back into the pompous days of Louis XIV, XV, and XVI. All handmade, Hedone Romane’s tribute collection to France is composed of pieces made by workshops recognized with the ‘EPV’ label, which stands for ‘Entreprise Patrimoine Vivant’. Enter a decadently modern universe inspired by the style and aesthetics of those glorious times in French history. Opulent courtly jewellery adored with carved laurel leaves, acanthus foliage, asymmetrical scrolls, and romantic garlands seduce discretely. Contrasting soft rose quartz’s versus flamboyant turquoises embellish earrings and sautoirs. Masks and masquerons set in rose-gold plated disguise and ward off the undesirable. In the shadows, metallic hematite drops quietly hypnotize. Refined lapis lazuli and genteel malachites grace private conversations.
Les antichambres ont leurs secrets, comme les cavités de l'esprit. Nouvelle collection de bijoux de Hedone Romane - « L'Antichambre de la Comtesse" – évoque la splendeur et les fastes de l’époque Louis XIV, XV, et XVI. Entrez dans un univers décadent moderne inspiré par le style et l'esthétique de ces temps glorieux de l'histoire française. Bijoux adorés aux feuilles de laurier sculptées, quand les feuilles d'acanthe, se perdent au milieu de volutes asymétriques, et des guirlandes romantiques… discrète séduction… opulente parfois. Contrastes des roses quartz face aux turquoises flamboyantes embellissant boucles d'oreilles et sautoirs. Masques et masquerons montés sur plaque rose-or déguisent et conjurent l’indésirable. Dans l'ombre, de l'hématite métallique aux gouttes hypnotiques. Lapis-lazuli raffinés et distingués malachites illuminent avec grâce les conversations les plus privées.
Contact: hedoneromane@hedoneromane.com

The Architecture of Control

10 images shot by JEJ for FACADES


Joram Raaijmakers has studied the position of the watchtower within the military system. His aim was to trigger a conversation about the objects and to see where this can lead. He began by collecting different specimen, 'dismantling' them, and then manipulating their scale, material, and function. They ended up as a silver-plated teaspoon, referring to a traditional souvenir form. The coordinates of the original are stamped on the back, so people can actively seek them out using a GPS system, and discuss what they find with the people they meet there.

Designers Dreams (Art Works)

When trained architecs express themselves further in design which then becomes art in one way or another... @ Salone del Mobile Milano 2014 (Tortona) Image 1: Tete Carree Aux Aretes by Sacha Sosno - Image 2: Rocket For Peace by Fabio Rotella - Image 3: Dal 150 by Alessandro Guerriero - Image 4: Rosa Dei Venti by Giuseppe Spagnulo - Image 5: Generazione by Eun-Sun Park - Image 6: Twist by Karim Rashid - Image 7: Carre 3 by Jean Claude Farhi - Image 8: Toy by Flavio Lucchini - Image 9: Amore by Javier Mariscal - Image 10: There by Alessandro mendini - Image11: Kryste by Daniele Basso - Image 12: L'Alieno Di Vitruvio - Image 13: Piego Di Libro by Stefano Soddu

Images by JEJ for FACADES

Charity in Cannes 2014

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The Flux, and I

Continuing to develop the umbrella curatorial theme of 2014 - the only thing constant in life is change – new works by John Wynne and Yoonjin Jung explore one’s inner ‘movement’ in relation to their surrounding. Thus the exhibition forms an outline of the importance of the dimensionality of space and its correlation with the various elements that come into play when considered at any given point in time. Time, as an influencing factor to both the internal and external momentum of ‘happenings’, is at once considered and eventually removed providing an overview of the present in its entirety. On a visual and audible level, one’s awareness of reality is thus stripped and heightened.
Yoonjin Jung’s new geometric and structured installations, on the contrary, playfully determine the vertical and architectural plains of our physical surroundings. Yet the viewer’s embrace of her interrelation with that which she observes, takes a different dimension due to the inconspicuous nature of the artist’s work. Sculptural installations will also be accompanied by ethereal ink on silk paintings, which stem from the traditional Korean ink paintings.
The show seeks to provide a platform for the audience to detach themselves from the effects of time in order to understand and embrace the inevitable progression of events that we have little or no control over.

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