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You can find art everywhere in the Philippines.  It’s in underpass tunnels, along highways, in coffee shops and restaurants, in offices, in schools, on streets, practically everywhere. But most Filipinos pay no attention to art because it has no value to them. The truth is people have more basic needs. So how do you make them notice something they find so irrelevant? By making them see its value in a way they’re most familiar with, using a medium Filipinos line up for every day.

#ArtLotto uses art as ticket to a fortune. It's a public service effort that aims to make people be more conscious of the art around, and eventually, help them become richer -- both their pocket and their mind. It intends to democratize what seems to be very elitist and tries to make art more inclusive instead of exclusive.

It's a project by E. Zobel Foundation, 4As Creative Guild of the Philippines, and Publicis JimenezBasic. It was an entry to the E. Zobel Diwa Awards, a platform that aims to help uplift the state of the arts in the Philippines. The project won the grand prize and was given a grant to make it happen.

Frieze & Frieze Masters 2015 London (Preview)

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

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A selection of art works...

-Video !: Frieze

-Video 2: Frieze Masters


filmed/shot by JEJ & Ava Inez for FACADES

other videos

-Video 1: Aspinal of London -Video 2: Belstaff -Video 3: Bora Aksu -Video 4: Cuoco -Video 5: Daks -Video 6: Eudon Choi -Video 7: Fyodor Golan -Video 8: Haizhen Wang -Viideo9: James Kelly -Video 10: Jasper Garvida -Video 11: John Smedley -Video 12: Judy Wu -Video 13: Julian Mcdoanld -Video 14: KTZ -Video 15: Le kilt -Video 16: Ong-Oiaj Pairam -Video 17: Palmer Harding -Video 18: Paul Costelloe -Video 19: PPQ -Video 20: Saropol -Video 21: Trager Delaney -Video 22: Zandra Rhodes -Video 23: Zeynep Kartal -Video 24: After Show Parties ii -Video 25: After Show Parties ii