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56th Venice Art Biennale 2015 Preview

filmed by Davide Zanardo & JEJ for FACADES TV

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Venice Biennale Preview

 Rough uncut spontaneous Segments/Footages:

-Interview w/ biennale president -Interview w/ biennale curator -Interview w/ top brit director/artist Isaac Julian -German art duo Eva & Adele -Giardini -Arsenale -Apotheosis Pavilion -Australian Pavilion -Belgian Pavilion -British Pavilion -Canadian Pavilion -Chinese Pavilion -Dutch Pavilion -French Pavilion -German Pavilion -Hong Kong Pavilion -Indonesean Pavilion -Italian Pavilion -Japanese Pavilion -Korean Pavilion -Mexican Pavilion -Kiwi (New Zealand) Pavilion -Palazzo Bembo -Philippine Pavilion -Polish Pavilion -Scandinavian Pavilion -Spanish Pavilion -Swatch Pavilion -Swiss Pavilion -Tuvalu Pavilion -American (US) Pavilion -Rolls Royce Reception for Isaac Julien -Walter & Soniel (Gazelli Art House)   

68th Cannes Film Festival 2015 (Video log)

 Rough uncut spontaneous Segments/Footages filmed by JEJ for FACADES

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Welcome to the 68th Cannes Film Festival 2015

-A tour on the first day from a view opposite the International Village (by the marina)  and Palais du Festival and into it... From the theatre for films -'Un Certain Regard', to the red carpet in the main theatre on the opening ceremony of Festival de Cannes...

-Hollywood Domino 

-Generous People Ball

-Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) & Calvin Klien Party

-Cash & Rocket tour - Chopard closing dinner/party

-The Kering Talks (series): Introduction, Film BRAVE MISS WORLD, Film INDIA’S DAUGHTER (part 1 & 2), Film MUSTANG, Round Up, Claire Denis w/ Chinese Filmakers Shu Liu & Liang Ying (Part 1-3)

-Lavish after screening party: Soirée Le Petit Prince (Part 1 & 2) @ an Auditoire along the city’s quaint old port. Magnums of champagne flowed endlessly matched with a buffet of sweets, the best thing of the night was the band concert and the DJ...

-The Kering Talks (series): Claire Denis Shu Liu Liang Ying (Part 1, 2, & 3)


Isabella Rossellini, Francois-Henri Pinault and Claudie Ossard participate in the Kering Talks 'Women In Motion' At the Kering Suite during The 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 14, 2015 in Cannes, France. (Photos by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images for Kering) 


For several years now, this mission has focused on the Group’s defence of women’s rights, as well as its convictions regarding sustainable development and the fostering of young talent. Alongside Gucci, the Group’s leading luxury brand, and within the framework of the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund, the Kering Foundation has supported the annual Spotlighting Women Documentary Award, which recognises three films that highlight the courage, strength and commitment of women around the world. The Kering Foundation also sponsors feature films directed by women, such as Sherry Hormann’s Desert Flower (2009), which addresses the dangerous and traumatic practice of female circumcision. This year, the Kering Group is backing Luc Jacquet’s feature film, Ice and Sky, which tells the unique story of glaciologist and climatologist Claude Lorius,among the first scientists to have discovered climate change. 
In addition, Kering has been a partner of L’Ecole de la Cité since it was founded in 2012 by director Luc Besson; the film school provides vocational training to students looking to work in the industry. 
Women in Motion: in concrete terms ‘Women in Motion’ Talks: discussing the role and importance of women in film ‘Women in Motion’ consists first and foremost of Talks, a series of open encounters with emblematic women and men from the film sector who wish to share their views about the issue of women and cinema. The goal is to create 
a space for discussion allowing industry professionals of every nationality to come together and exchange views. Hour-long discussions will be organised daily around one or more guests – notably from among the major names of the official selection – chosen in partnership with the Festival de Cannes team. Guests will be interviewed by a host prior to a Q&A session with the audience, composed of around forty journalists and industry professionals. ‘Women in Motion’ Awards: celebrating talented women As of 2016, ‘Women in Motion’ will also include two awards. The first will be awarded each year in recognition of a personality’s contribution to women and the film industry. The second will recognise a talented young female in cinema, chosen by the first winner.In 2015, to celebrate the launch of the ‘Women in Motion’ Prize, a special Honorary Award will be presented to a woman whose career and personal commitment reflect the values defended by the initiative. The award will be presented during a Presidential Dinner, organised by François-Henri Pinault, Thierry Frémaux and Pierre Lescure.
By putting the spotlight directly on talented women from all walks of cinema, and by giving a voice to female film industry experts, ‘Women in Motion’ aims to become a central event at the Festival de Cannes.

Cinema for Women's Rights Forum @ Cannes15

filmed by JEJ for FACADES TV

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3 films made by 3 women for a cause to change the world… 

 (in this case abuse of women such as RAPE which is a very serious problem in some countries)

Clips/footages of the whole forum at the Majestic Suites, Majestic Hotel in Cannes, France
Hosted by Kering
-Film INDIA’S DAUGHTER (part 1)
-Film INDIA’S DAUGHTER (part 2)                                         
-Round Up
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