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Topman Design AW15 @ LCM

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

A very high fashion influenced collection from Topman design, and a very strong one at that. An 
intriguing collection offering a variety of cuts, from oversized, slim, fitted to long, cropped and 
flared. The use of oversized woollen and faux fur based jackets were accompanied by fitted flared 
jeans. There was also astrakhan looking fur fabrics on show, patterned wearable shawl hoodies and 
big bushy woollen coats. This collection was definitely 70’s influenced with a great suit selection of 
four buttoned single breasted and double breasted 2 piece suits with slim fitted silhouettes. Tartan 
style checks were used on some suits, long in the body, just above knee length giving that old school 
yet modern clash. This collection was very creative and meshed a lot of good opposing details 

Christopher Shannon AW15 @ LCM

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

A great message can be sensed through this collection from Christopher Shannon. Look with a 
normal eye and you will miss it. We were first acquainted with the first Shannon piece with a model 
wearing a caricatured jogger style jumper and a carrier bag over his head. As the collection unfolded 
we could see it was very well put together. It worked very well as if it was telling a couture 
influenced story. Christopher Shannon gave us a sport trended look which was definitely unique, 
with keen interest been shown in the use of zipped shoulder finishes on the sporty jackets, and a 
girdle effect used on the bomber jackets. The Christopher Shannon x Cat boot collection also 
accompanied each piece, using dark colours, an edgy style, and had good detailing.


filmed by JEJ for FACADES

YMC accomplished the casual/tailoring infused look with great success and achieved this to a high
standard without concentrating too much on fits but focused on styling. This was a pleasure to 
witness. We received a dose of street wear and overcoats, hoodies and waistcoats and it was a great 
sight. All using dark block colours gave the collection a good understated look with the one 
exception of a bright yellow rain coat. Considering the styling elements to the collection the clash of 
using a hoodie and overcoat with the hood up underneath a bowler hat made a strong statement.

Thomas Pink AW15 @ LCM

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Thomas Pink offered a good collection of shirting with checks and bold colours for us to all open our 
eyes a bit wider to take in. with scarves ties and pockets squares to match the pallets of colours, it 
was all well put together. They also offered a good tailoring range of blazers and overcoats. The 
overcoats caught my eye the most with bright velvet colours such as yellow and red used on grey 
herringbone, created a good contrast, something slightly special for the winter.

Gieves & Hawkes AW15 @ LCM

20 images shot by JEJ for FACADES



This Gieves & Hawkes collection was immaculately presented with pin point precision applied to all
the small details and I don’t just mean on the clothing side. We were offered good English tailoring 
with a touch of exotic creativity, croc shoes and accessories, exotic furs such as calf skin jackets to 
give a pony finish and astrakhan scarves to accompany a nicely tailored overcoat. There was also a 
good selection of smart casual wear consisting of sneakers, bomber style zipped jackets with beaver 
& astrakhan furred collars. A strong range of evening wear, burgundy dinner jackets of the velvet 
kind and also an enlarged glen check one button shawl lapel dinner jacket, with a cool discreet satin 
strip running down the dinner trousers. A touch of class this collection was and it definitely stuck its 
head out of the row.

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