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World Exclusive: Walking on Waves (German design company MAGICFLOOR® )



German design company MAGICFLOOR® presents a unique wave effect in
flooring and furniture. 
On 4th February German based company MAGICFLOOR® opened its new showroom in Dubai for its 
trademark OCEANLIGHT DESIGN®. The unveiled collection is truly unique and exclusive since no 
other company in the world has ever offered anything similar. Showroom visitors were treated to a 
first preview into this trendy world where innovative technology meets bespoke design. True 
innovation, which the internationally patented MAGICFLOOR® technology is, incorporated in 
beautifully crafted custom-made flooring and furniture captured the imagination of even the most 
sophisticated trendsetters. 
The combination of a real wave effect with animation and lighting features in a MAGICFLOOR® 
creates the sensation of literally walking on waves. In the OCEANLIGHT® furniture, waves are created 
within your table, your bar counter or anywhere else imagination takes you – all the furniture pieces 
are custom-made & tailored to specific client requirements. 
So how does MAGICFLOOR® work its magic? The special liquid, developed as a result of 15 years of 
meticulous research and testing, is encased under a glass surface and further enhanced by use of 
LED lighting. With no maintenance required for the technology and limitless possibilities in design – 
from corporate logo projected in the water and waves to a rainbow of colours on your floor to 
match your mood, it really is the future in floor and furniture design. 
MAGICFLOOR® and OCEANLIGHT DESIGN® suit luxurious residential properties as well as corporate 
spaces, including offices and top hotels. With offices in Switzerland, Germany and Dubai the 
company offers worldwide distribution and installation and therefore reaches customers in every 
corner of the world. Visit www.magicfloor.com for more information and how to get in touch with a 
dedicated team.

Turnbull & Asser AW15 @LCM

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Astatically pleasing to the creative eye and the imagination was very well entertained with this collection.Dinner suits were the eye catcher of the evening, with classic patterns such as the dogtooth, enlarged with a satin shawl lapel finish. A ‘house of cards’ dinner suit was presented to us all in a truly astute manner, with a glass cabinet surrounding the display with playing cards in the pockets and hands to match the jacket. A good helping of robes, shirts and suits were on show, all bearing a variety of colours and themes, with suits carrying well layered checks or classic pinstripes. This collection presented us with a very different side to this brand. A well put together collection indeed.


Ede & Ravenscroft AW15 @ LCM

filmed by JEJ for FACADES


A decent collection by Ede & Ravenscroft with a few key pieces which was nice to see, and spoke out a bit more about the brand, with a strong leather long coat lined in lamb’s wool. Casual velvet blazers with parsley scarves and a black wing coloured shirt used casually with a casual blazer. Suits were generally good with a few double breasted pieces. Overall a decent showing. 


Chester Barrie AW15 @ LCM

filmed by JEJ for FACADES


Chester Barrie showed a variety of wintery classics, with Donegal’s and flannels mainly the centre console. A display of Winchester collared extreme cutaway shirts and the pin collared shirts nicely accompanied a dark grey overcoat. A lot dark colours were used in this collection and it was a consistent showing lapelled waistcoats used casually was a good twist on some of the casual range. Again a good variety shown here in general and it was good to see some tailoring classics brought back to life.

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