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Fashion Presentation Meets Art Installation: Y. Project by Yohan Serfaty

Video of The Y. Project by Yohan Serfaty @ Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt, 10 rue de turenne, Paris 4e - June 27, 2012 shot by JEJ

More or less like a  returning 'newish' trend these days in Paris as done before in a variety of ways in the past like in the 60s, a fusion on Fashion and Art.

Moroccan born French designer Serfaty who originally studied Political Science got fashion training from various couture houses in Paris.

He presented his SS13 collection of clothes and accessories in an art installation come fashion show.

Interesting pieces were put together in a conceptual theme that attracted quite a few curious 'camera trigger happy' guests non stop...

Sleeping masked models rose from their beds and paraded light fabric clothing pieces in whites, light & dark hues of grey.

Mode Homme Paris SS13- A Fashion Gallery
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Video 2b: @ the showroom with Walter Van Beirendock

Video 3: shoulder pads and baggy pants are back? influences from the 80s @ Juun J. SS13

Video 4: boy next door bacics @ Krisvanassche SS13

Video 5: 60s hanging tight jackets & short hem pencil trousers @ Bill Tornade SS13

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Features on selected designers are found in our Fashion Section.

Summer Classics by Brioni

Video filmed by JEJ of Brioni SS13 presentation  on June 26, 2012 at Viale Alemagna 6, Milan

It was a lovely HOT day in Milano when Brioni presented its new collection for spring/summer 2013.

The whole setting was like a collage of scenes from a variety of old Italian films.

Models wore all Brioni summer gear such as clothes, hats, shades, shoes, and other accessories realistically emoting a variety of characters outdoors in the sun chatting, drinking, smoking, eating, playing sports, painting, playing music, and some just merely posing on their classic motor bikes.

La Dolce Vita in the sun -INDEED.

Bit of Cyber Meets Fashion: Bernhard Willhelm SS13

Video filmed by JEJ on June 30, 2012 in Paris (palais brongniart)

Willhelm consistently pushes boundaries in fashion as a forward thinker. 

A vision away from the common norm with a conceptual style that goes beyond gender identity and further than just fashion towards art.

Fusions in performance art, styling, theatre, fashion.

Yet again here we have a presentation executed with a seemingly ongoing trend in Paris these days.

Here's looking forward to more of these.

Lux Classics by Smalto

Video filmed by JEJ on June 30, 2012 in Paris (shangri-la)

Despite the current economic turmoil, French label Smalto delivers the feel of Luxe on all levels.

Well groomed models lounge drinking champagne sprawled in a decadent period environment dawned in sharply tailored outfits for all occasions.

Perhaps the majority these days would rather just do high street shopping, but nevertheless the new affluent market still exists from China, India, Russia, and still hungry for what they may have been missing.

Fun/Candid/Spontaneous Interview: with Simon & Tracy of LINDA FARROW

Video fimed by JEJ on the last day of Tranoi Trade Exhibition in Paris June 2012

Thanks to Simon & Tracy for letting FACADES interview them candidly and spontaneously 'off guard'.

And thanks to a few glasses of champers after another long day at Paris fashion week the interviewer was slurring!

Please excuse him.

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