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Draw in Light AW12-13

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

The presentation that featured the girls life-drawing from nude models mirrored the classic cuts, body-consciousness and artistry of the garments they were wearing. The young designers of Draw in Light Polly Wilkinson and Harry Barford have succeeded in creating a new kind of effortless style: There is an innate and understated luxury- they print with free-hand silk-screen techniques making each garment individual. The collection is filled with timeless dresses, their value and uniqueness immediately apparent.

Felicity Brown AW12-13

filmed by JEJ for FACADES


It was disappointing to discover that Brown has moved away from delightful and refined feminine detail this season- perhaps she was trying to display a more wearable aspect of her design repertoire. Indeed she has achieved this with a collection of 60s inspired smocks and shifts, but maybe overly so. They are so wearable they no longer seem special or high fashion. It was surprising to learn that Brown was inspired by the V&As Quilts 1700-2010 exhibition as there was so much more inspiration to be drawn and developed.


Basso & Brooke AW12-13

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

For AW12 Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke drew inspiration from Matisse’s paper cuts period. The mixing- clashing, even- of prints is frenzied with a disregard for symmetry. Jackets, skirts and collars cut at clean angels gave the collection a paper-like feel- both youthful and charming. It was perhaps a feat by the stylist that the clothes, despite prints and colours that verged on garish, actually seem to be very wearable and quite fun.

Krystof Strozyna AW12-13

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Strong and extremely sexy, Krystof Stronzyna’s collection is play between masculine and feminine, taking inspiration from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Body-Conscious thigh high slits, ultra-short skirts, soft silhouettes contrasted with masculine collars, capes and suit jackets. The AW12 Strozyna woman is subtly seductive, a femme fatale perhaps. The collection is pitch perfect; wearability, sex-appeal and a high-fashion edge maintained throughout.

Corrie Neilsen AW12-13

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

In Corrie Neilsen’s AW12 ‘Vestiarium Scoticum’, the designer looked to her heritage creating a history of scottish dress, with details and nuances rooting the collection firmly in 2012. With projected hips and tented skirts, Neilsen sculpts silhouettes that have a kind of architectural brilliance: Yet it has a refreshing simplicity in that only combinations of white black and tartan (used in a revolutionary way) that makes the collection down to earth and wearable.  There is a quality and craftsmanship in Neilsen’s work that, along with her distinctly british edge, brings to mind Vivienne Westwood and McQueen. I’m sure we can expect much from Neilsen in the future.

Antoni & Alison AW12-13

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Antoni Burakowski and Alison Roberts bright silk screen-printed AW12 collection was undoubtedly one of the sweetest collections to come out of London. Truly innovative, the designers take a simple technique (screen printing) and remind us just how much fun can be had with it. Tromp l’oeil ruffles, staples, printed dogtooth and knits, a literal collage on paper effect is created simply cut dresses. These are modern classics.

Films of 2012: The Comedian

Israel born Director-Screenwriter Tom Shkolnik presents his first feature film with utmost sincerity that makes him a new film maker to watch.

He presents a young character Ed who's 32 in the process of finding himself as he goes through trying to keep an unsatisfying daily job and as a struggling amateur comedian by night. The film takes us through the day and night journey of Ed's reality as he meets a boy he gets connected with but then again gets confused realising strong feelings for his flatmate- a girl who's in love with him. Confused and searching, what does the future hold for him?

The film presents a variety of views and angles from a variety of random characters on sexuality, race, relationships and life in general.

Real and subtly moving.

Films of 2012: Dreams for Sale

Japanese Director-Screenwriter Miwa Nishikawa thoroughly researched female characters with odd jobs in Japan topped with being knowledgeable about the concept of marriage fraud. He uses these elements creating a fantasy marriage fraud somehow.

What is happiness? What are the extent of the things we may do in the pursuit of it and to what price? A young couples ambition drives them both to a vicious attack in fooling the weak and soft hearted in which they themselves come to certain realisations about themselves their moral fiver, and what love is.

Is it money or the priceless caring and compassion in a a relationship?

A mellow dark comedy where real lessons are learnt.

Films of 2012: Tomorrow

Russian Director-Producer-Screenwriter Andrey Gryazev brings forth the current situation in Russia today using art in political protest.

A spirit which is also currently being carried out by the likes of an all female/feminist revolutionary group called 'Pussy Riots'.

He documents the actions of 'Voina' which is a collective of activists and artists, awarded by Moscow's National Centre for Contemporary Arts with substantial cash.

But what are the boundaries in anarchy and intelligent revolt done via art? Does a couple have to use their own toddler as a shield against arrests?

A revolt is a revolt, but to what extent?

A strong example of 'gorilla film making' at its best, RAW.

(Credit: 4rth Image from News Yahoo - Pussy Riot)

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