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Hedone Romane


Modernist twist to French Decadence - « L’Antichambre de la Comtesse » by Hedone Romane
Antechambers have their secrets like the inner recesses of the mind. Hedone Romane’s new jewellery collection presents a contemporary interpretation to French decadence. “L’Antichambre de la Comtesse” – throws one back into the pompous days of Louis XIV, XV, and XVI. All handmade, Hedone Romane’s tribute collection to France is composed of pieces made by workshops recognized with the ‘EPV’ label, which stands for ‘Entreprise Patrimoine Vivant’. Enter a decadently modern universe inspired by the style and aesthetics of those glorious times in French history. Opulent courtly jewellery adored with carved laurel leaves, acanthus foliage, asymmetrical scrolls, and romantic garlands seduce discretely. Contrasting soft rose quartz’s versus flamboyant turquoises embellish earrings and sautoirs. Masks and masquerons set in rose-gold plated disguise and ward off the undesirable. In the shadows, metallic hematite drops quietly hypnotize. Refined lapis lazuli and genteel malachites grace private conversations.
Les antichambres ont leurs secrets, comme les cavités de l'esprit. Nouvelle collection de bijoux de Hedone Romane - « L'Antichambre de la Comtesse" – évoque la splendeur et les fastes de l’époque Louis XIV, XV, et XVI. Entrez dans un univers décadent moderne inspiré par le style et l'esthétique de ces temps glorieux de l'histoire française. Bijoux adorés aux feuilles de laurier sculptées, quand les feuilles d'acanthe, se perdent au milieu de volutes asymétriques, et des guirlandes romantiques… discrète séduction… opulente parfois. Contrastes des roses quartz face aux turquoises flamboyantes embellissant boucles d'oreilles et sautoirs. Masques et masquerons montés sur plaque rose-or déguisent et conjurent l’indésirable. Dans l'ombre, de l'hématite métallique aux gouttes hypnotiques. Lapis-lazuli raffinés et distingués malachites illuminent avec grâce les conversations les plus privées.
Contact: hedoneromane@hedoneromane.com

Aepe Chair Design by Roman Bentley

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London based product designer Roman Bentley studied Engineering Design at Kingston University. He's always worked for himself honing his own skills for design and as inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian designers -launches the Aepe chair due to this 'flatpack' furniture craze that has been happening for some time.
"Have friends and family with small children who are always looking for affordable furniture so I began the quest for a solution, what more can i say its a chair but the thought, the materials used, the design, construction and the practicality of it makes it unique in my opinion" - Roman Bentley

Salone Satellite Design Winner 2013: "Beyond Object"

Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Beyond Object by Poetic Lab + Studio Shikai

Conceptual visions from the orient...

This was the selected top price winneer this year @ Salone Satellite

Art & Function in Furniture Design

Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Work by Danish furniture designer Rasmus Baekkel Fex

Wood and Webbing produced at the Danish Art Workshops.

What happens when you create a design that has no function whatsoever- is it then art?

It certainly dwells on the borderland between the two. 

When you let go of function and mass production as starting points for the creative process, new ways of thinking about design emerge.

Decadent Dogu by Ceramist- Michael Geertsen

Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

The Works represent a revitalization of the ceramic figure, note the familiar rococo porcelain figure but rather the Japanese 'dogu', which has a history going back more than 10,000 years.

These are deconstructions of recognizable fragments, but they have been incorporated into an abstract form as echoes of a jar, a vase or a pot. Jars with complications, which lets the works escape the clear statement and functional purpose, and which pursues uncertainty rather than an easily decoded unambiguous element.

Design Beyond Production: 75 Watt

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

75 Watt, a product is designed to be mass-manufactured in China. 

The object's only function is to choreograph a dance performed by the labourers manufacturing it!

Splendour Lender: The Musical Cupboard

Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Designer/creator Jelle Mastenbroek wanted to explore status and how to improve the quality of life without spending money. He was reminded of the Dutch tradition of using special cabinets to display pricey porcelain as a sign of wealth.

In his vision, a coin tinkling against cups and plates creates musical notes. The coin is retrieved afterwards, making this musical experience completely free.

Textile Design on Wood

Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

"Marbelous Wood" -Refraction by Textile designer Pernille Snedker Hansen

Produced at the Danish Art Workshops

The floor is the largest wooden surface in Scandinavian homes. 

Marbelous Wood reinterprets this classic domestic feature with vibrating colours across its surface.

In Refraction both the form and the applied pattern are inspired by the refraction of light through a prism, a graduating colour scale from one colour to the next. Its very organic yet graphic patterning creates an optical experience as your feet move across the floor. The transparent marbling pattern merges with the wood, entering into a dialogue with the inherent ornamentation of wood.

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