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Sight and Sounds from Bits and Pieces

Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Projetto Lucina by Marco Morandi & Vincenzo Pacella @ Ventura Lambrate

A series of lamps made of plastic tools for kitchen uses. Glass bits come from broken old lamps.

An interactive installation, a 'synestethic' process that allows people to create a visual score by making sounds.

Dali's Influence On Furniture Design

Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

There will always be moments when something catches our attention in every massive exhibition which reminds us about a particular expo on a particur year...

This was one of them. Furniture design by Umberto Dattola presented at Ventura lambrate 2013.

Quirky Design Ideas

Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Designer Bert Loeschner brings humour into design and makes the most common chair charming and special.

Ecological Chair @ Ventura Lambrate 2013

Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

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Installation hosted by Bamboo Studio di Milano

Interview here with...

Handmade & Digital Crafting At Salone del Mobile 2013

Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

In order to turn a brilliant idea into a design object using leading-edge technology, one must first appreciate raw material and its potential and do manual woodworking techniques first then eventually be machine made.

This is what the organisers of 'I Wood Like' hopes to convey to young designers....

FederlegnoArredoSCM Group and Culturalegno created this project @ Saloni Del Mobile 2013 in Milan Italy.

Boxes of Glass

10 Images shot by JEJ @ Salone Mobile

A basic box of glass can go a long way, straight or bent.

Designs by Piero Lissoni (Heigh-Ho & Shu), Tokujin Yoshioka (Luminous), Naoto Fukasawa (Bent Glass Table), Jasper Morrison (Mirror Mirror), Patrick Norguet (Float Wall), Jean-Marie Massaud (Seasons), and Fernando e Humberto Campana (Scrigno Cabinets and drawers).

Hadas Ilani's Needle & Thread

6 Images below shot by JEJ at the Grand Opening of Design Bonanza Bezalel @ via massimiano 6, Milan

This project was conceptualised while contemplating on local material, the kind that is always around us and is embedded in our childhood memories. Various methods of sewing pine needles into shoes was explored by Ilani. A collection that explores the possibilities of using pine needles as raw material, which allude to the gentle needle mat and the previous purposes of the needles has been creatively and resourcefully achieved. 

Vertical Hydroponic Garden Design

Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Another new option in the future of gardening where space is limited and people end up living in high buildings...

Furniture & Fashion Fusion by the French @ Saloni Mobile 2013

Film 1 by Roche Bobois

Film 2 filmed by JEJ at Rho Fiera

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Roche Bobois presented their furniture with that good old French fashion flair @ Saloni del Mobile 2013...

Current Innovation in Light

Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Display installation on lighting by French Designers at the Salone Satellite 2013 in Milan.

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