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Design Installation by Andrea Mancuso & Emilia Sena

7 Images below shot by JEJ @ Ventura Lambrate Expo in Milano 

Conceptual Interior Design Installation made out of strings and incased in sheets of clear plastic...

Missoni Home

2 Images shot by JEJ at Salone Mobile

Gunjan Gupta

Perhaps Gunjan Gupta of India is another good candidate for international success and stardom with her potent mix of talent, drive and passion, with influences from her own culture combined with high standard in discipline. Equipped with a Master’s Degree in Design from Central St Martins College of Art & Design and as well as an 8 year practice in Interior Design, she's now excells on bespoke furniture.

Based in New Delhi, she founded Wrap Art & Design in 2006. Perhaps one of the main movers in propelling crafts made in India through her designs, she has successfully managed to position herself in the growing ‘Made in India’ design brands as her works she most recently exhibited at Ventura Lambrate in Milan show.

5 images above shot by JEJ

Lee Broom

We caught up with Lee Broom in 'Public House' his first solo exhibition in Milan during the Salone Del Mobile, critically acclaimed British designer Lee has amused us with his collection of conveying traditional British flair in classic modernity.
Tastefully and stylishly tweaked furniture pieces made a strong statement of a particular look that Broom is now known for and recognised. An identity to which his name has become synonymous.
This offering marked the fifth anniversary of his brand, which showcased a selection of Broom's speciality pieces.

As inspired by the old British pub concept with a surreal twist, Public house has brought a very refreshing feel to the Ventura Lambarate Design District. Materials used were of authentic British origins, reclaimed from old pubs. The old meets the new in this cultural foray where he presented delightful new pieces and complemented his core collections which showcased the variety of his work.
It has also complimented the launch of his collaboration with Ballantine's Whisky to which he designed an impressive array of serving pieces influenced by the vintage crystal whisky decanters with quite a modern twist.
Here's all the best to you Lee Broom.

8 images above shot by JEJ

Contemporary mood at Kartell

Silk & Light Air by Eugenie Quitllet creates a monobolic hyper-transparent chair and a lamp suspended in the void. Kartell's consistent experimentation on transparency.

4801 by Joe Colombo who had initially thought of making the chair out of plastic but wasn't able to do so due to the technology in 1964 so it therefore ended up as the only piece of product by Kartell made entirely of wood. It's now finally out in plastic true to it's originally intended design. A cult object exhibited in the prime museums worldwide.

Jelly by Patricia Urquiola is intended to increase the upholstered furniture range for use in a residential context. The dialogue between the natural reality and the artificial which is also echoed in the accessories is presented in this collection.

Cibatool by Philippe Starck with Eugenie Quitllet, creates a style icon which is a result from three years of technological research and a homage to three masters in its silhouette.

Shanghai by Mario Bellini is a project designed to lend allure to plastic and preciosity to glass. In an alternating light and shadow, geometric irregularities delivers an essence of texture is brought which is a result of the technological know-how on thickness.

Taj by Ferruccio Laviani, designs Kartell's first product using LED technology in its lighting collection which is a luminous sculpture of ultra-contempoary design.

Invisible Table by Tokujin Yoshioka has succeeded in illustrating transparency in its highest expression. An invisible furniture brings together poetry and lightness. It's the largest monobloc yet achieved by industrial injection moulding technology which weighs almost 20kg.

Starck's eclectic pieces which are all marked by his distinctive touch. A true master in trying out new functions, materials and commodity categories.

8 images above shot by JEJ

Chairs of Desire in Milano: the good, the bad...

6 images above shot by JEJ

Armchairs of Desire in Milano: The Good, the bad...

10 images above shot by JEJ

Lamps of Desire in Milano: ... pretty, the ugly...

9 images above shot by JEJ

Sofas of Desire in Milano: ...the bad, the pretty...

5 images above by JEJ

Vases of Desire in Milano: ... good, ... ugly...

8 images above shot by JEJ

Cabinets of Desire in Milano: The Good, ... the ugly

6 images above shot by JEJ

Cosmit Milano - Winning New Design of 2012

In the spirit of Salone Satellite, Cosmit strongly supports the dedication, creativity and intelligence of new young designers worldwide.
According to the Cosmit President- Carlo Guglielmi; "Good things always come in threes, and that applies to this Award, which in a very short time has become highly sought after by young designers. It goes without saying that it facilitates contact between supply and demand, between designers and manufacturers, between creativity and production and in fact that is precisely why its was instituted."
FACADES selects a few of this year's winners from around the globe.

6 images shot above by JEJ

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