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Alexia Coley - Interview

FACADES: Please tell us about yourself and how you started with your passion in music?

Alexia Coley: ... music has always been a part of my life, my mum was one of the original cast members of the musical 'Hair' so my first memory of music as a child was walking down the street with my mum holding my hand, singing out loud and it would really be embarrassing for me... on my 4rth birthday , I made a wish that when i grew up i would be a successful singer one day... so its always been part of my genes...

World Cinema you may or may not see

FACADES will present posters from a variety of world cinema that you 'may or may not' and perhaps 'will or will not' see from world cinema.
Do not judge them tacky otherwise you will take the risk that what you like is considered the same by others…
Cultural differences can easily be seen and dissected by their mere posters which practically show the trends, styles, artistry, mentality, point of views, angles in life and other conceptual directions of any particular country.
Whether it be issues on politics, religion, sex, romance, humour, and so on...
Please stay tuned for more features on films from our growing image library.

13 images above from FACADES archives

Milan Street (furniture) Art

When furnishing sector is down in Italy and that most buyers are foreigners, designers are taking over the wall of the city. Creativity will not be taken down.
3 photos above by JEJ

London Street Fashion Show

Fun shows are back in London, not just on its catwalks but on the streets, hence street show goes on. Right before, during, and even after each London Fashion Week are crowds of characters in their costumes. Mostly students in fashion/art/design but also mere fashion victims come and flock the festivity attracting the press.
In the very first men's fashion week The London Collections: Men SS13, we managed to capture a bit of the usual showtime after showtime. Just enjoy!

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