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Films of 2012: Reality

The subject of a reality show done in a feature film as already previously made by a UK production of the original Big Brother show meets zombies/horror/gore -is now perhaps old news and tired, like beating a dead horse. But this Italian production by Matteo Garrone gives it new light as he dwells on that fragment of human obsession, and desire leading to a state of madness. A tragic black comedy humorously played out with that distinctive Italian flair, the concept still works. More of a proper feature rather than mere euro trash, this film even bagged the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival'12.

Films of 2012: Beasts of the Wild

A brilliant raw production creatively presenting the life and struggle of people living in impoverished circumstances which focuses on the plight of a young girl named Hushpuppy and her father both realistically and strongly performed by non-actors. With their home called the 'Bathtub' sinking under water and the idea of frozen prehistoric creatures being unleashed due to the melting icecaps, some kind of reality depicting the rule of a misunderstood establishment in society is practically envisioned in a fictional world and child like tale. This US film feature which brings us a refreshing conceptual style in 'guerilla film making' has won both the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival and the Caméra d’Or in Cannes Film Festival. A must see.

56th London Film Festival winner of the Sutherland Award for the most original and imaginative directorial debut

Absolute Beginners

Young, Talented, and Enthusiastic. Todays absolute beginners, possibly tomorrow's global stars, all found in the streets of Edinburgh-Fringe'12.

Unknown names from different places gather once a year to perform here. From the talented to the untalented, the floodgates are open in theatre, whether it be music, dance, acting, acrobatics, comedy, and practically all other performing arts.These young dreamers are here to start their search to capture that dream.

As FACADES online mag is a platform for up and coming talents, it pays tribute to The Next Generation of Creative Characters.

Above are 21 images of courage & perseverance simply captured from an i-phone by JEJ.

Dancing design evolution in Milan

Thanks to Theatro Del'Arte for their Design Dances.

other videos

(All videos filmed selectively by JEJ at Salone del Mobile 2012) 

The Makropulus Case @ EIF

Opera North’s production of Janáček’s The Makropulos Case

@ The Edinburgh International Festival '12 (Festival theatre)

Supported by Dunard Fund

A contemporary production done well. 

Conductor Richard Farnes, Director Tom Cairns, Set/Costume Designer Hildegard Bechtler, Lighting Designer Bruno Poet.

3 images above by Robert Workman & Donald Cooper

Alexia Coley - London Singing Bird

FACADES was there and filming at The Paradise (Kensal Green) on 3rd June for one of Alexia's many gigs in London.

other videos
London Street Culture

Street Culture:

The usual characters in the London fashion scene filmed from fashion  week...

Righteous Dressing - East to West

Righteous Ltd is an exciting new food brand that is attempting to break into the UK market. Bullet Manila is a sharp new advertising company making a name in the Philippines.
Davids fighting against the Goliaths of their industries, both with the hunger to leave a mark.
As borders crash down, it has become an opportune time for these two businesses to collaborate and produce first Rightout Dressing TV advertisement for Western consumers.

Alexia Coley

With no formal training this young lady has been singing practically since child birth, a natural born talent? As London is filled and over flowing with great and cool talents in various fields, Alexia Coley in particular has been seen hanging and heard singing in the cool Soho nightlife scene since the mid 90s way before the likes of the former Amy Winehouse who later on emerged in Camden. In her case with Wray & Nephew rum as her most wicked poison for partying to date, she's still around charming us with her gigs in old London town.


Miss Coley has no genre: she’s too much her own woman; not so much a soul singer, more a singer with a lot of soul. Look out for the launch of her debut album currently taking up all her time. It features up-beat, passionate and dreamy numbers including timeless hits.

Righteous Dressing by Gem Misa

Being the global manager of a billion Euro brand for a multi-billions company took her from the Philippines to South Africa and to London.
She couldn’t resist making one step further into distribution, and she created her own line of products, her own brand.
She now faces the challenge of putting that name on the map.

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