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Body History

the performance was filmed by JEJ for FACADES



by Fabio Mauri (1926-2009)

photo by Elisabetta Catalano on canvas (1973)

The central Nucleus of Mauri's artistic practice is characterised by interpreting, in experimental linguistic tones, the theme of ideology and dialogue between man and history.

Sound of Silence

shot by JEJ for FACADES


by Massimo Bartolini (1962)


fusione in bronze casting by Giuseppe Chiari (2013)

Always interested in the realtionship between artwork and space that houses it, Bartolini intervenes on a pre-existing structure...

Accompanying the visitor is the "silent sound" of words and music written by Chiari, a Fluxus artist & composer.

Dots, what about dots? FACADES interviews Glenn Scott Wright about Yayoi Kusama

Glenn Scott Wright - ... I'm standing in front of a painting by Kusama using her iconic dots, so Kusama has been using a number of motifs of her work for the last 50 or 60 years - She's very well known for the dots and the dots are going to be very predominantly featured in the collaborations she has done with Vuitton both for product range and the windows, another well known motif is the infinity nets ...

other videos

Collaboration between Yayoi Kusama and Glenn Scott Wright, director of Victoria Miro gallery in London, is a many years story and we wish to thank Glenn for the private tour / interview in Yayoi latest exhibition that FACADES was given the opportunity to shoot. www.victoria-miro.com

Hot in Art Basel 2012 - Nevin Aladag

Paravent / Social Fabrix #1, 2012, Teppichcollage, Metal, 250 x 552 x 4cm

"... Nevin Aladağ combines and arranges figurative carpets with abstraction. The Persian carpet tells a story and makes it literally accessible or indeed walkable. The discourse of constructivist abstraction on the other hand wanted to make art usable and pull it back into life. Ornaments, cats of prey, birds from the Iranian regions of Tabriz, Nain, and Balochistan with their symbolism (fertility, power, and happiness) are contrasted with monochromatic colour fields; craftsmanship going back hundreds of years encounters the efficiency and perfection of industrial production.

The subject of borders and transgressing borders is here not just addressed in terms of content, but also formally. The frameworks of this order are the rational and strict forms of Bauhaus/de Stijl. Nevin Aladağ stages the walkable space of the carpet vertically, as a pane that constitutes a space – that of the paravent or folding screen. The folding screen serves as protection: originally as wind protection in China; in western countries it protects the private and intimate from the gaze of strangers. The initially horizontal form of the carpet is brought by the artist into a vertical position, thus blurring the categories of picture and sculpture and changing how they are read. A top view becomes a horizontal view, and we can only read the entire image by walking through the individual motifs. ..."
Abstract of Press Release on Paravent, Social Fabric #1 & 4 images above Courtesy the Artist and Wentrup gallery, Berlin http://wentrupgallery.com

Hot in Art Basel 2012 - Takao Hanazawa

I'd rather be with you, 2012, Foam, Clay, Plaster, Natural Pigment, 50x160x90cm

This presentation is Hanazawa's interpretation of Hon Non Bo. In Vietnamese, Hon means Island, Non means mountain, and Bo a combination of water, mountain range and forest. It is a miniature landscape imitating the scenery of islands, waterfalls and mountains.

Hanazawa has been making a series of works titled "Goldberg" which refers to Glenn Gould's performance of Bach's Goldberg Variations. In these works, he refers to people and works that he respects. They are to express an important role that interpretations and cultural exchanges play in his works.

Waterfalls are based on “kanbaku-zu”(watching the waterfall theme) that were popular since 15th century among monks in respect to the Chinese poet Rihaku. Instead of a Chinese poet, Hanazawa has placed Fernando Pessoa to watch the waterfall. The compositions are influenced by both Casper David Friedrich and Hokusai Katsushika. Antonio Tabucchi was a window to Pessoa for Hanazawa. Unfortunately Tabucchi passed away this year, giving the work a sense of homage.

Taken from a composition of Casper David Friedrich's “Giant Grave by the Sea,” Hanazawa was thinking of Nirvana painting (depicted the death of Buddha, popular through 12-15th century), which was re-interpreted by Jakuchu Ito in 18th
century. Here he has placed the yellow background in forms of gold plate squares, with small animals gathering around the large stone to mourn.

Roy Ayers as hermit Ran Sai Wa (who wasknown to beat wooden clappers. Young and old followed him along. His song was a rap that told about the way of hermits.)

5 images above Courtesy of the Artists and GALLERY SIDE 2, Tokyo - http://galleryside2.net

Art Featured Videos
Nikki Luna

FACADE brings you Nikki Luna, perhaps one of the new gems in the art scene, a "pearl of the orient".
Consistently productive, and driven with a good cause, Nikki Luna expresses herself through her Art from her native home town Manila, to Singapore, to Milan and soon the rest of the world.
Nikki Luna is an artist and the founder of StartArtproject, a non-profit organisation aimed at providing art workshops to women and youth victims of armed conflict and human rights violations in the Philippines. Her works have been shown locally and abroad like in Milan, Italy and Singapore.

Courtesy of the Artist

A Painting major graduate from the University of the Philippines (UP) Fine Arts Department, Luna went on to take an art residency in Cooper Union, New York.
In 2010, her firearm sculptures / installation, Unmentionables and Rebel Woman— both a visual discourse of women’s struggle—racked up considerable sums in the Sotheby’s Painting & Modern Contemporary Asian Art auction .
Her women advocacy is an endeavour she is currently studying in-depth on her Masters in Women and Development Studies in UP.

3 images above courtesy of the artist

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