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Works by Max Zorn

images shot by JEJ for FACADES

Talking about the war effort, here is a young Dutch artist Max Zorn taking sticky back plastic to the next level. No Blue Peter here, but an interesting use of war rationing showing his so called 'Tape Art' A thought process that requires several layers to complete the entire picture must be an pleasure although an intellectual sillouete of construction. Mr Max Zorn sounds like a bond villain but surely he is one of the bond girls that exudes beautiful vistas with creative flair moving into more film noir than cheesy one liners. The event was very well catered for, champagne bottles and lovely canapes from the great chefs at the Sanderson hotel, making use of the beautiful courtyard that complemented the gathering. I just wish I'd picked up my fedora before entering the vibrant engagment. The Art is crafted using brown packing tape on a perspex canvas. It seems like the artist starts constructing his work and doesn't finish till the end. Applying layers on a translucent space forming opaque layers detailing the perpective distance, I have seen on his videos how much detail goes into areas which are not seen that are hidden behind the upper layers. By presenting his work on on a lightbox Mr Zorn brought out the two-dimentional sepia relief and the scapled embossed details. This event was mainly 20s, 30s & 40s scenes culminating towards my favourite peice: A scene depicting Tower Bridge with a modern (today's skyline) backdrop and a 1930s movie star being filmed and photographed. Personally I have always been intrgued by artists whom combines the old with new and it reminds me of a exhibition at the Muse d'Orsay in paris where architects could fantasise about the buildings that were imposible to build back in the 1800s, I thought this because of the contrast. I have to question though, is this just 15 mins of fame, other than doing beautiful works of art, can Mr Zorn progress from here. I understand he is not a conceptual artist but in today's age people always want the next statement, if Mr Zorn is just content with the beautiful detailed work he produces then good on him although the 'modest' pricetags of the peices should keep him in a comfortable place.

Panorama by Mishal Rovner @ Pace London www.facades-online.com

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Innovative Art

filmed @ exhibition...

The Waldorf Project (chapter 2)

images 1, 3, 5 shot by JEJ

images 2 & 4 c/o Sean Rogg


A first of its kind fusion of interactive theatre, performance art/installation, culinary art, music, and fine wines. 
It's pioneering genius Sean Rogg is not just a film maker and nor  just a wine connoisseur, but a true artist.
Rogg has successfully managed to put together a tricky production with a successful outcome in putting together all aspects and ingredients for such an unforgettable experience.
Such a production and experience would always only work by keeping all its important factors, such as fine wine, tasty food offering, outstanding performers, perfect lighting, and suiting background music, no less. 
Hence, the asking price of this experience is quite justifiable and won't work or be good enough otherwise.
Kinda like a new escape from say corporate life and a stress reliever, as it categorically/seemingly transports you into another dimension. 
Each experience in a particular box/scene/stage may perhaps have gotten inspiration from a variety of films from the likes of Pasollini's "Salo" to that cult German flick "The Centipede". But all in a comfortable setting and process, that's quite enjoyable.
Personally -for someone who has lost ones sense of smell and taste blunted for life, I must say it all somehow came back in this experience.
Regardless if you appreciate art in whatever level, The Waldorf Project is an experience that one has to try.
And whether you like it or not, I would argue and defend it to anyone who says its pretentious bullshit.
Here's wishing you all the best Sean Rogg, we believe in you and love your work.
For more details check out the site www.waldorfproject.com
or simply all it's other reviews online 
The Current Art Market

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

A conversation on the current art market and today's directions of contempoarary art hosted by Robert Bound (Culture Editor of Monocle).

Featuring Georgina Adam (author of 'Big Bucks, The Explosion of the Art Market in the 21st Century'), 

and Ossian Ward (Content Editor of the Lisson Gallery & author of 'Ways of Looking, How to Experience Contemporary Art').

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