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yayoi kusama queen of art

Not that many Queens gave us the chance to celebrate their diamond jubilee; Yayoi Kusama is one of them performing her duty in her country of Art and her kingdom of creation.
Being quite prolific for over sixty years from her native Japan, to her young life in New york in the 60s, and worldwide for decades, she is now chased by the many who want her to leave a trace in their own field. Last in records is Louis Vuitton as most of us know already.

But first of all, Yayoi Kusama is a "Living Goddess" for her Art.

FACADES has visited Victoria Miro Gallery in London and interviewed director Glenn Scott Wright on Yayoi Kusama prior to the opening of her new show. Find the videos of the interview in FACADES Art section.

3 images above from Victoria Miro

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