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Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

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Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

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Images by JEJ for FACADES

The good , the bad, and the ugly…
A few looks that captured our attention for Spring/Summer 2014, from a huge array in our library.
Whether it may be conceptual art, wearable or non wearable, there's always something for the right mood and the right occasion.
London as a melting pot for designers and stylists world wide always deliver dozes to relieve boredom and create a bit of excitement and fantasy. Indoors in the clubs, or outdoors in the streets…
We prefer not to mention any names and leave it for you to constructively criticise or appreciate…
Have FUN!

'Sensation Parisienne' SS14

Images by JEJ for FACADES

Paris womenswear follows a certain design code, a norm which may be quite old school and should mainly spell chic. As Coco Channel may have originally revolutionised and set the level of Parisian style, both non French & French fashion designers based in the capital persevere to set the standards. They carry on with such a sensibility in tradition but nevertheless adheres to modernity.
We present a selection of looks for you to choose from this season...

Corneliani SS14 @ Milano Moda Uomo

14 images shot by Roberto Clemente for FACADES

Corneliani consistently brings us luxe elegance and sleek silhouettes for men.

High quality fabrics and summer light leather in light earth hues pastels in stone, camel, mocca, with hints of purple brings forth a timeless feel and look of sophistication...

Basso & Brooke SS14 Mens Collection

Photographer: Peter Ashworth / Model: Carlos Peters @ Models 1 / Styling: Bruno Basso & Nigel Newton / Wardrobe: Jana Mello &Larissa Nicolato Defilippo / Makeup: Lucious Flajore / Grooming:Rogerio da Silva — with Chris Brooke.

London's FUN design duo Basso & Brooke does it again.
Colours and patterns ingeniously mixed and matched in delightful variations that would certainly bring beams of sunshine in a classic London summer (wet or dry)!
Amusingly cheerful this combo of Brit quirkiness and Brazilian zest for life always delivers a refreshing shower of creativity.
Thumbs Up to you B&B.

London Collections: Men SS14 (video log)

videos filmed by JEJ for FACADES

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Selected Designers are featured in the Fashion Section of FACADES.

Roberto Cavalli Gentleman SS14 @ Milano Moda Uomo

3 images from RC Press office

Inspired by certain Middle Eastern Cities, Daniele joins his father in the family business attempting to create a stronger character through 'satoriality',

rigorous research, experimentation, and communication.

An objective to make a gent sharper than sharp.

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