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Indios Bravos: Mich Dulce

Widely acclaimed as one of the most original and important Filipino visionaries in fashion today, Mich Dulce has won many awards and recognition internationally for her designs as well as her craftsmanship in creating clothes and hats— her most recent being the top prize in the International Young Creative Fashion Entrepreneur from The British Council. She trained at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London College of Fashion, the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and apprenticed with designers like Marjan Pejoski & Jessica Ogden. The designer continues to work with traditional Filipino materials, particularly Piña, a fabric made of pineapple fiber, and T’nalak, a handmade material using abaca fiber made by the women of the T’Boli Peoples of Lake Sebu in South Cotobato, Philippines. Choosing to use this precious fabric, the designer is interweaving stories from a different tradition, retelling them with her own aesthetic while retaining a respect for their origins. Not ending with the weave, each headpiece is handmade by women from the Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, a Philippine-based poverty alleviation and nation building movement, who are personally trained and are supervised by Dulce. “Traditional tinalak fabric weaving and designs have been a part of the T’Boli culture (and is) traditionally used for special occasions, with each design bearing a distinct meaning known only to these peoples,” explains Dulce. "The fabric and the craft in making it are an essential part of their heritage, a tapestry of the tribe’s own history and traditions. By using this in my work, I wanted to create a new subculture within that culture.
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Soccer Players Victims at D&G

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Mich Dulce - Interview

FACADES: Hi Mich Please tell us about the British Award you got from the British Fashion Council

Mich Dulce: Actually it was not an award from the Bristish Council. So, I won it in 2010 - and it was the Young Creative Entrepreneur Award in International...

London Men SS13 - (to come)

Models are having a break while FACADES is reviewing London Men SS13. You'll see it all in FACADES issue, but you can already get a flavour of it in our Fashion Video Gallery.
Photo credit: JEJ

First Gold Medal : Dame Vivienne

As London hosts the Olympic Games in 2012, Dame Vivienne dedicated her Men’s SS’12 collection to the athletes of the world.

This season’s inspiration is the sportive gent.
Breezy comfortable summer clothes that can alternatively be worn on an active day to a formal night.

Westwood’s brilliant cut in tailoring prevails consistently and accentuated by her quirky accessories such as red shoes and that ever present orb.

“…references to the games’ iconography throughout the collection. Our athletes are dripping in sweat. They hope to win a medal. Laurel wreaths which were awarded to the victors in ancient Greece remind us that we owe not only the games to the Greeks but our civilization. After many years, (husband) Andreas has agreed to acknowledge his true position as my partner in design. It is important to both of us that his public image should match the reality. He heads the MAN team and I’m very glad to share with him our creative work in fashion.” Vivienne Westwood

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