Aganovich AW14-15

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Polished and gothic, models took a considered pace down the runway, giving the exquisite garments the time they needed to be appreciated. Each felt very well considered, practical yet very contemporary. Aganovich’s extensive research is evident. 

The White Briefs SS15

Timeless contemporary classic key pieces at its best.

No frills nor thrills but basic intelligence and sensibility...

(Images from Concrete PR)


The White Briefs and their collection for Spring/Summer 2015.

In addition to the timeless undergarments that follow through each season, SS15 sees The White Briefs exhibit a more full bodied collection.

Classic pieces are morphed using new fabrics including a light and breathable mesh and mottled cotton.

Clean lines and understated silhouettes elude to an architectural feel in the sultry tops and fitted bottoms and a colour palette of pale yellows, green moss tones, cool blue hues and hints of red mimmic the seasonal shift of the Swedish countryside.

Allude @ PFW AW14-15

Images by Francois-Xavier Watine 

Paris – Comfort is key. And so is pure luxury. “As a woman, you simultaneously exist in several different worlds” said Andrea Karg, creative director of German brand Allude. The setting was the stunningly atmospheric chapel at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts but the models had to watch their step on the beautiful but old and uneven flooring. The “Queen of cashmere” Karg has established Allude as a global brand over the last 20 years. She used raw cashmere, fringing, high collars and lots and lots of tassels. Texture and layering were key. A grey pencil skirt was wrap-tied at the front like a pullover might be around the shoulders – relaxed, soft and comfortable yet smart. An exaggerated high ruffled neck on a sleeveless top was held in place with a long neck tie of cashmere tassel over a long luxurious mid calf skirt over cashmere leggings paired with sandals; a massive fringe edged scarf perfectly hit the hem of a very short skirt balanced by huge bobble top tied at the wrists with tassels. There was lots of fringing in grey and cream but the shoes were all a conservative brown. “Our classics are so trendy they don’t look boring, and our trends are so classic they’re wearable.” A quietly confident collection.


filmed by JEJ for FACADES

At Corrine Neilsen, in a beautiful setting, otherworldly almost alien shapes of coats contrasted with more traditionally cut pieces. These looks were followed by voluminous gowns that further cocooned the models, whose faces were sheathed in gauze. A feminine edge and strong references made this one of Neilsen’s most notable to date. 


High Glamour, vampy, yet perhaps a little gungy girls strode down the TexSaverio runway with a confidence that wearing these clothes would inevitably give a woman. The looks and the girls were strong, the collection varied and overall a great showcase. 



filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Pascual Millet’s diversity of references shone through in this collection. It is the wardrobe a quintinsesstial independent woman. Strong, yet feminine with moments of simple and pure romance. 


filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Moon Young Hee, the young korean who has, for years now, opened the week of catwalk shows, this season kept  palette of dark tones, best showing off the expert “relaxed tailoring” that has become his signature. 



filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Evidently inspired by jetset who holiday on yachts in cannes during summer and move up to the mountains of Gstaad once winter hits, Phung collection was a rather confusing mix of flowing summer lounge wear and ski bunnies in neoprene-ish geometric printed winter wear. But it is a spirited and very desireable collection from the young designer.