Sibling AW15 @ LFW

filmed by SFS for FACADES

This show presented us with an elegant theme fused with creative workings on the the patterns and fabrics used. The first was knitted dress in pink with a Christmas style pattern down to knew length, a rubber style double breasted mac with fur shawl collar and cuffs nicely streamlined in fit and a denim washed pinks suit. Colours mainly used were black, pinks and blues. Some dresses feature a nicely unshaped waist line which gave a good edgy but still gave an elegance in style.

Jamie Wei Huang AW15 @ LFW

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

This show introduced a raw edge to the runway but the use of formal silhouettes and structures really brought a great twist to it all. Flannel chalk striped oversized trousers combined with leather vests with fur features. Also long vested dresses with calf skin backpacks being held down the runway giving a highlighted pony effect. The customisation of shoes were also edgy with platform heeled shoes  with a scrunched detailing, some in patent leather showing a futuristic theme. A creative ensemble indeed. 

Dora Abodi AW15 @ LFW

filmed by SFS for FACADES

A colourful collection of silk prints shaped into kimonos and dresses, but also offering black tafetta silk tops and skirts with cut stripped ends. This broadened the variety given. In terms of structure it followed a style of formality but was enhanced with a more rock centred approach and colourful look which showed the collections creative elements.

Mimi AW15 @ LFW

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

This show was mainly based on evening wear style garments. Elegant styles and all draping to the floor dresses. There was good elements of style here with a laced leather dress made in an evening wear style. Leather capes to go with some evening dresses and nude meshed net dresses, all of which tested the boundaries of elegance but still shown in a graceful manner.

J JS Lee AW15 @ LFW

filmed by SFS for FACADES


Mainly a smart and elegant combination of style used in this collection. some pieces used a rope pull finish on some of the dresses, almost like a a potatoes sack finish on the waist line.
It was good to see the use of flannel suiting paired with curly brushed wool bags and formal jackets with tailored flap pockets used as a style feature on the dresses. 

Definitely and elegantly creative collection.


Bora Aksu AW15 @ LFW

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

A very very elegant collection, all suited for occasions, this collection was strong and creative in terms of colour and fabrics. Golden laced jackets paired up with golden shorts but still giving such a classy look, cropped jackets with long skirts and long jackets with shorts while being kept with the overall theme and didn't look out of place for a second. Again some use of tailoring was on show with straight lapel jackets and taffeta silk dresses and skirts. Everything was styled to good detail, a very classy combination indeed.

Gieves & Hawkes AW15 @ LCM

20 images shot by JEJ for FACADES


This Gieves & Hawkes collection was immaculately presented with pin point precision applied to all
the small details and I don’t just mean on the clothing side. We were offered good English tailoring 
with a touch of exotic creativity, croc shoes and accessories, exotic furs such as calf skin jackets to 
give a pony finish and astrakhan scarves to accompany a nicely tailored overcoat. There was also a 
good selection of smart casual wear consisting of sneakers, bomber style zipped jackets with beaver 
& astrakhan furred collars. A strong range of evening wear, burgundy dinner jackets of the velvet 
kind and also an enlarged glen check one button shawl lapel dinner jacket, with a cool discreet satin 
strip running down the dinner trousers. A touch of class this collection was and it definitely stuck its 
head out of the row.