Christopher Shannon AW15 @ LCM

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

A great message can be sensed through this collection from Christopher Shannon. Look with a 
normal eye and you will miss it. We were first acquainted with the first Shannon piece with a model 
wearing a caricatured jogger style jumper and a carrier bag over his head. As the collection unfolded 
we could see it was very well put together. It worked very well as if it was telling a couture 
influenced story. Christopher Shannon gave us a sport trended look which was definitely unique, 
with keen interest been shown in the use of zipped shoulder finishes on the sporty jackets, and a 
girdle effect used on the bomber jackets. The Christopher Shannon x Cat boot collection also 
accompanied each piece, using dark colours, an edgy style, and had good detailing.


filmed by JEJ for FACADES

YMC accomplished the casual/tailoring infused look with great success and achieved this to a high
standard without concentrating too much on fits but focused on styling. This was a pleasure to 
witness. We received a dose of street wear and overcoats, hoodies and waistcoats and it was a great 
sight. All using dark block colours gave the collection a good understated look with the one 
exception of a bright yellow rain coat. Considering the styling elements to the collection the clash of 
using a hoodie and overcoat with the hood up underneath a bowler hat made a strong statement.

Looks for Men SS15

New looks for men as captured in London, Milan, & Paris by FACADES actively roving contributor.

-JP SIngson, a curator, freelance stylist, occasional photographer, advocate of up-and-coming designers and globetrotting blogger of

Through the decades, a variety of different looks/silhouettes for men have been constantly changing to define the new masculinity.

From basic trousers to fancy frocks, designers have been in the constant pursuit to capture the new spirit.

From the classic, to the modern, whether it be a dandy, a rocker, a goth, a punk, a hippie, to the avant-garde, the conservative traditionalist or the free and radical. 

Even sometimes a fusion of all angles when a certain look or character meets another...

All aspects are considered even to the point of redefining masculinity itself, as straight men may be styled to look look like women and vice-versa...

This is Fashion.


filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Models oozing sex appeal in small dresses, knee high boots and oversized coat ended a rich show were ideas were fully explored and developed. Charlier presented a full wardrobe, and a beautiful one at that. 


Louis Leeman @ LCM AW14-15

images shot by JEJ for FACADES 

The new Louis Leeman collection seems to cover every single trend happening at the moment, it’s safe to say that the variety of the range is vast, and in it’s sheer comprehensive size, very impressive. Leeman seems to hone in on all the little elements which create the buzz behind other shoe designers, and use them in her own range to create a thorough reflection of what is ‘happening’ in men’s footwear this year. There is the Jimmy Choo over-sized tassle, the Alberto Moretti sparkly slipper-shaped loafer, the Zanotti metallic straps, the list is endless. Thus, as a statement of originality it’s perhaps not that impressive. However, as a snap shot of the sharpest elements of 2013’s best selling men’s footwear, it’s commendable.

Manish Arora AW14-15

filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Refreshing with it’s use of colour and styling, Arora’s show stood out among the largly somber colour palette of paris winter. Light up shoes and alien hair do’s, this was a show full of spirit and true to the designers vision.