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Budding New Hopefuls in British Fashion I

( 15 images shot by Anthony Tran )

This year's new generation of aspiring dsigners and their works from around the UK...

Birmingham:1-Ajmal Khan 2-Amy Miles 3-Charlotte King 4-Juan Monroy 5-Luke Sukkas 6-Olga Kaluba 

De Montfort: 7-Joel Bostock 8-Helen Senior

East London: 9-Charles Chambers

Edinburgh: 10-Andrew Alastair Mclaren 11-Shauni Douglas

Kingston: 12-FMoarios Alexandrou

Manchester: 13-Mark Glasgow 14-Olivia Peszynski

Northampton: 15-Roxy Eusebio

Budding New Hopefuls in British Fashion II

( 17 images shot by Anthony Tran )

This year's new generation of aspiring dsigners and their works from around the UK...

Nottingham Trent: 1-Adnan Ebo 2-Lewish Heath

Northumbria: 3-Emily Oldroyo 4-Jennifer Lowther 5-Rosalind Borwick 6-Sophie Lea

UCA Epsom: 7-Bradley Snowden 8-Lydia Cooper 9-Maria Michael 10-Sarah Venner

UCA Rochester: 11-Amy Gaunt 12-Fenelia Hawker 13-Hannah Cooper 14-Harrison Thom 15-Joanna Leon

UCLAN: 16-John Cryne 17-Lauren Bond


Riding the wave of London Fashion Week, Palestinian fashion designer, Omarivs Ioseph Filivs Dinæ, reveals his most recent work and creations Official Portrait; the final phase of The Ceremonial Vniform project. The project concentrates on the masculine framing of the Palestinian male, manifested in the martyr, prisoner, fighter, worker, farmer, ‘terrorist’ and politician. Created in collaboration with Lebanese photographer Tarek Moukaddem, Official Portrait is an attempt at deconstructing images of power, symbols of the nation, nostalgia, and ideas of gendered-dominance. The sitters, Abu Zuhair and Abu Saleh, who give their names to the portraits, are Syrian manual labourers who have to work and live in Lebanon. Their total lack of previous modelling experience is central to the aesthetic and ethos of the project. © Omarivs Ioseph Filivs Dinæ & Tarek Moukaddem 2013

Ekaterina Kukhareva AW13-14 @ London Fashion Week

Ekaterina Kukhareva 'cul-de-sac heroine' 

Kukharrvas fall/winter 2013 'cul-de-sac heronines' were Housewives breaking conventions in Floor length body-con in ottoman inspired prints, a fun palatte of fuschias and violets most strikingly bejewelled and giant rollers as hair peices. Undoubtedly fun, the collection excelled more in terms of it's theatrics than design. The garments themselves where nothing wholly ground breaking or exciting. But Kukhareva's was a show with spirit and possibly the highest heels of london fashion week, and who can argue with that ? 


21 yr old designer Sade English has simply shown us her strong potential to be one of the next big names in London Fashion today.

Well Done and here's wishing you all the best Sade!

We look forward to seeing all your collections to come with excitement.

(filmed by JEJ for FACADES)

The limited edition pieces are inspired by and consist of elements taken out from the traditional Islamic architecture and Samurai armour. The shapes, outlined in each garment, are similar to the shapes that could be seen in mosques.

Architectural futuristic outlook on design and garment constructivism, in a combination with historic art and dark gothic elements within her pieces, end up creating her signature style. 

A mixture of past and future elements. Japanese armour alongside the surrealistic, reminiscing the trompe-loeil technique elements gives the pieces the unexpected alien and futuristic look. 

The fabrics used are nylon, polyester and pvc, which complements the qualities in each fabric. The detailed textured polyester creates a unique and at the same time decorative technique element to the pieces. Her designs are exuded with precision and have a perfectionism polish.

ISSA AW13-14 @ London Fashion Week

Filmed by JEJ for FACADES


One of London Fashion Week’s most anticipated shows, Issa to not fail to impress with model-of-the-moment, Cara Delevigne opening in a floor-length chiffon kaftan layered over black cashmere. Inspired by the diverse navajo planes, the collection experiments with varying fabrics and textures, playfully  layered- it was a show and indeed, a collection, with soul. The never anding eagle plumes that sprouted from felt hats by milliner Piers Atkinson were a great styling touch, and reinforced the coherence and confidence that Issa is so reputed for. 

Huishan Zhang AW13-14 @ London Fashion Week

Filmed by JEJ for FACADES

Huishan Zhang 

The young chinese designer Zhang was inspired by artist sui jianguo's mao suits series for his fall winter 2013 collection. The short but sweet presentation included powder pink  and black patent cropped rain jackets with jewel fastenings, a number of sweet evening dresses worthy of a Wong kar wai heroine and a couple of sport-lux two-peice sets. Zhang's collection is coherant yet every peice is beautiful in its own way and right. As a collection it is Perhaps a little too safe, but wearable and beautiful non the less. 

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